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How Your Food Choices Affect Your Health, Happiness and the Future of Life on Earth
How your food choices affect your health, happiness and the future of life on Earth

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You will know, if you listen to your own heart, that it is the right thing to do... because ALL LIVES MATTER.

It is the best, easiest, cheapest and most effective action that you can do to enhance your own health, to relieve the suffering of others and to minimize your "carbon footprint": to live lightly on the Earth.

Purpose of this Website

The purpose of this website is to offer resources to those who are ethical vegetarians, or who wish to become ethical vegetarians. It also offers resources for like-minded individuals, such as those concerned about animal rights, the environment, ecology and deep ecology.

This path is called "ahimsa", the path of peace and non-violence, towards all living entities.

After all, this planet has had far too much violence in its history. Necessary violence (in self-defense) may be acceptable, but unnecessary violence is not.

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Why be a Vegetarian?

"When people ask me why I am a vegetarian, I simply tell them that I am against unnecessary killing.

If they press further, I explain that there is no nutrient in meat that is missing in a vegetarian diet. Therefore, eating meat is unnecessary. Necessary killing is tragic, but unnecessary killing, just to satisfy the taste buds, is absolutely unforgivable.

As the Buddha says in the Dhammapada, "All beings love life. All fear pain and death." No one can deny this. If God is truly a God of justice, what does He think about people who support the completely unnecessary slaughter of animals just to selfishly satisfy their tongue and belly?

It all boils down to priorities. What is more important to you? Satisfying your senses simply for the taste of animal flesh, or preventing unnecessary harm?"
—Yajnavalkya dasa

"Whosoever tries to find happiness through hurting other beings, will not find happiness."
—The Buddha (Dhammapada 131)

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What is an "Ethical Vegetarian"? And how is this different from "Just a Vegetarian"?

It is easy being a vegetarian just for health reasons. All around us, every day, we see messages and advisories to "eat more fruits, vegetables and grains". Yet absolutely no one, not even the powerful meat industry, has the gall to produce an ad campaign claiming that "eat more meat; meat is good for you!".

Although ethical vegetarians enjoy the benefits of the healthy diet and lifestyle of vegetarianism, they are not vegetarians because of health reasons: they are vegetarians because they want to minimize cruelty and death in the world. Good health is just a pleasant side-effect.